Stern warning issued for parking on pedestrian footpaths

Vehicle parked illegally on the newly built footpath on the four lane project on Kings Road. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

DRIVERS caught parking on pedestrian footpaths will be issued a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) and face charges from Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) for damaging essential highway infrastructure.

Stern warning is issued by Land Transport Authority (LTA) CEO Samuel Simpson who said “When you park your vehicle on a footpath you are denying the pedestrian their space to walk in safety.”

Simpson added that drivers will face additional chargers from FRA for damaging essential highway infrastructure.

“Mounting the footpath with a vehicle damages the kerbs and the excessive weight of a vehicle on the footpath damages the surface.”

Meanwhile, members of the community are requested to contact the LTA and notify the Authority of drivers who are inconsiderate, selfish and damaging the national highway infrastructure.



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