Step to the Talanoa: UNFCC

Update: 5:58PM PEOPLE who want to influence the international response to climate change need to step up if they want their voices heard in the Talanoa initiative.

UN Climate Change sent out word asking for what they termed a ‘boost of ambition’, the second such call for participation in the Talanoa Dialogue since its online portal was launched on January 26.

Working to bring global attention to the Pacific Island tradition of dialogue, which Fiji brought to the UN system at COP23 last November in Bonn, UN Climate Change calls on people who represent “businesses, investors, cities, regions, civil society and others” to submit a contribution to the website.

The aim is to make a global call for higher ambition following the global agreement made at Bonn that current goals agreed to in the Paris Agreement is not going to be enough to counter the damage of climate change.

“The aggregate ambition described in countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement is still insufficient to reach the global goal of limiting temperature rise to 2-1.5 degree Celsius,” UN Climate Change said.

On the portal, people who make a submission must do so guided by three questions: Where are we? Where do we want to go? How do we get there?

“The answers received will provide the substantive basis for ministerial discussions at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland, at the end of the year,” UN Climate Change said.

Contributions must be made via a written input to the Talanoa portal and those who do submit an entry can also express their interest to be part of face to face Talanoa at the Bonn Climate Change Conference April 30 – May 10, 2018.

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