Stella Maris marks annual fun day

Parents of students of Stella Maris Primary School enjoying the entertainment during the schools bazzar in Suva today. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

WITH more than 300 students, Stella Maris Primary School today hosted it’s annual fun day celebrations.

In an interview with the Fiji Times the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association Uluibau Tabete said they were aiming to raise $40,000.

“There are also other needs that we are financially short in the school a lot of that has to do with maintenance of current buildings it also mostly maintenance of current buildings and also other administration requirements,” Mr Tabete said.

He said there were hoping to stick to this project of replacing the structure covering their walkway right next to the school’s canteen.

“We just want to assure all the parents and all the students that have come and gone that we are doing our absolute best and try to get our kiosk first phase going and get the ball rolling on the works hopefully to begin by the end of this year,” he said.

He acknowledged the support given by all students, parents, teachers and ex-scholars during today’s fun day.

“I would like to thank everybody that’s been here today especially all the parents that’s continued to support the kiosk project that was set out by the sisters,” he said.

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