STC Keni causes havoc on island

THIRTY out of the 37 houses at Vacalea Village in the district of Nakasaleka on Kadavu were damaged when Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni wreaked havoc across the island earlier this week.

Vacalea villager Kacilala Waqa, 44, is among the 30 families whose homes were destroyed during the disaster.

“The cyclone was so strong that now only seven houses remain standing at the village of Vacalea and 23 houses were severely damaged — their kitchens, rooms, toilets, living rooms and roofs are all gone,” Mrs Waqa said.

While recalling the events of Tuesday, Mrs Waqa said the cyclone had not only left them homeless, but also without food, water and electricity.

“We only have enough food to last us until tomorrow as our farms were destroyed, pipes to our only drinking source have burst and now we are without water,” she said.

With over 100 villagers, Mrs Waqa said although they had prepared well, the cyclone was one of the strongest to hit Kadavu.

“All our trees around the village have fallen and even though we had prepared ourselves well before the cyclone hit, the winds were just way too strong,” she said.

Mrs Waqa is requesting for urgent assistance to help the villagers of Vacalea and the island rebuild their lives.

“We urgently need assistance in rebuilding our homes as most of it was damaged and we also need assistance in replacing our solar panels as they were all blown away during the cyclone,” she said.

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