STC Harold: Three families in Toga evacuated; Plantations damaged

Fallen debris due to strong winds and heavy rain caused by Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold outside a home in Muana Village in Toga, Rewa, on Wednesday, April 08, 2020. Picture: VILIAME ODRO

Three families have been evacuated to the community hall in the coastal village of Muana in Toga, Rewa.

More families are expected to be evacuated as the effects of Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold will most likely escalate later today.

The Toga bridge is still open and not affected, as yet, by the rising waters of the Rewa River.

It is still open to traffic.

Villagers reported that vegetable and rootcrop plantations have been damaged by the ongoing downpour and damaging winds.

The heavy downpour has also caused flooding in some parts of the village.

The remaining 459 villagers are presently safe and well.

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