STC Harold: Stakeholders urged to prepare for cyclone

A fisherman catches fish. PICTURE: REUTERS/Eloisa Lopez

As Fiji braces for Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold, the Ministry of Fisheries is advising all its stakeholders around the country to prepare well and secure fishing gear, assets, infrastructure and stocks.

Director Fisheries, Mere Lakeba said all preparatory work must be carried out in the day time as the country awaits the arrival of STC Harold.

“I urge all fisherfolk living in the coastal communities to keep listening to the radio for weather updates and to refrain from traveling out to sea for fishing activities,” Ms Lakeba said.

She advised aquaculture farmers to reduce water in their ponds as flooding may occur.

“Owners of large offshore fishing vessels should take proper care of their vessels whilst it is docked and ensure that proper procedures are followed.

“Fishermen Association members who were assisted with boats and solar freezers are advised to work with fellow villagers in securing their assets. Solar panels are to be removed carefully from the roof and to be stored them in a secure place.

“Your safety is paramount and we encourage you to keep following the weather updates on a regular basis and to please stay home with your families.”

Stakeholders can contact their nearest Fisheries Service Centre for further advice.



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