Staying positive – A single mum’s dedication to her family

Rafaela Domokamica with a range of beauty and health products she sells. Picture: VILIAME RAVAI

Fulfilling her plans hasn’t always been easy for her, in fact Rafaela Domokamica says she received a lot of negative responses from those she thought she could confide in.

Now single mum and newly founded entrepreneur Domokamica is pursuing another ambition and her one goal is to support her son and parents.

Originally from Nukuloa, Gau, in Lomaiviti, Domokamica is setting the trend for her family by changing their perception about her now that she is the sole breadwinner at her home.

The 27-year-old attended had Saint Agnes Primary School before moving to Dilkusha School and Rishikul Sanatan College.

“After my high school at Rishikul Sanatan I went to Fiji National University to study baking and Patisserie.

From FNU I worked at Rosie Hearts to train as a baker.

“After my graduation at FNU I participated in the 2013 Miss World.

I went through a lot in life even to the point of being rejected by a close family member because of our differences — but I had to be strong and to remain positive through whatever challenges life threw at me.”

She said her pregnancy brought more challenges because at that point in life there was a lot expected of her.

Domokamica secured work at the Rewa Provincial office before she quit and opted to stay home.

While at home it dawned to her to start her own business .

Dokomakica joined an online organisation and began her own business.

She sold herbal products for the organisation and collected a small commission for her work.

The business flourished and it enabled her to look after her son who stays with her parents in Nakasi.

“After I joined this group I have no regrets, and I mostly focus my energy on making my commission from products I sell.”

Domokamica said she’s happy now after joining the online organisation which had warehouses in 54 different countries.

“My plan is to renovate our house and buy a car to help me travel around the country selling our products.

“I’m selling a supplement that can reduce weight, clean our internal system, in certain cases possibly cure some sicknesses. I also sell beauty products for face and skin. All products are made from herbal.”

My advice to young people today is to believe in yourself and always trust in your God gifted talent or skill to survive – it’s never too late to change the way people may look down on you.

“Being the youngest of three siblings has taught me a lot about keeping a positive and being responsible knowing that my parents are growing old.

“Young people need to realise that nothing comes easy in life and we need to work the hard yards to be successful in life.

“Whether you work for an organisation or have your own business both will require effort to succeed.

“It is a hard world out there and people need to be steady with their decisions despite what others say about them because this is their life and not others.”

Domokamica hopes to teach her son the same lesson and that is to work hard in order to succeed in life.

“There are those that will pretend to be friends and family, but it is those who stand with you through the hard times that are your real friends and families.

“Young people need to choose their comrades well and surround themselves with positive minded people.”

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