State team hears issues

FIJIANS living on islands in Macuata and Bua had the opportunity to raise issues and development needs directly with the Government during a tour by senior officials to the areas.

The government team is led by Employment Minister Jone Usamate and assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management Joeli Cawaki.

While speaking to people of Kia, Druadrua and Cikobia, Mr Cawaki said one of the main focuses of the visit was to increase community participation in terms of development.

“The one-week visit will allow Government to hear directly from you on some of the issues that you may want to raise. This is important as you, the community, are our greatest stakeholder in terms of development,” Mr Cawaki said.

Ligau Village headman Orisi Vukicanavanua thanked the Government delegation for visiting the communities and listening to the different views presented.

“We take this time to acknowledge the visit made by the Government to our island as we were able to raise our issues directly to the assistant minister and the Commissioner Northern,” Mr Vukicanavanua said. “We are also grateful that some of the issues raised were solved.”

The delegation will also tour the islands in Cakaudrove, beginning from Yacata, Qamea.

The tour ends today.

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