State prioritises food security

Disaster Management Minister Inia Seruiratu, middle, with Wailotua villagers who received their food rations on Wednesday. Picture: ATU RASEA

Disaster Management Minister Inia Seruiratu says more than 3000 people are in evacuation centres and the Commissioner Western and his team are organising a ration distribution for those sheltering there.

While delivering food items to 15 affected households in Wailotua 1, Wainibuka, on Wednesday, he said food security was a priority for Government and assistance to flood-affected Fijians would be rolled out once assessments were completed.

Mr Seruiratu said their immediate aim was to ensure those affected by the flood were properly nourished.

He said the Agriculture Ministry was in the process of trying to establish the degree of devastation in the crop and livestock sector. “The initial damage assessment teams have been mobilised,” Mr Seruiratu said.

“That is ongoing and the divisional commissioners are reinforcing and strengthening the agriculture survey team.

“The commissioner also has teams prepared for the non-agriculture areas, which are still very much affected by the devastation of the flood.

“Food security is very important, and that is our big priority now in our damage assessments so that we can get back to normalcy as quickly as possible, and the assistance that will follow will depend on the damage assessment made.”

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