Star meets SAS dad

Danny Ligairi Badham finally meets his dad SAS special breed Ilisoni Ligairi in Nabalebale Village, Cakaudrove. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

DANNY Ligairi Badham, renowned international actor, arrived in Fiji this week and for the first time, met his dad SAS (Special Air Forces) Major Ilisoni Ligairi.

The emotional reunion at Nabalebale Village in Cakaudrove moved the hunky built Taboo Series actor to tears as he held his dad’s hands during the traditional function in the village.

“I am just so overwhelmed and happy to meet my dad. I have a lot of respect for him,” he said in an interview with this newspaper.

“I am so proud of my dad. This is the first time for me to visit Fiji and I am so happy to be home to meet my Fijian relatives and my extended families in the village.

“This is home and so good to be here. I had a lot of plans to travel to Fiji and meet dad but work schedules were tight so finally, this year with the help of my friends, I was able to meet dad.”

The England based actor was treated to a traditional ceremony as his family welcomed him home to Nabalebale on Tuesday night. Danny is the eldest son of Maj Ligairi who is also known as ‘Mr White’ with the local military friends.

Last week, the Ligairi family gathered to a special family reunion with the Ligairi family in Suva. In this visit, Danny, accompanied by his first cousin and rugby national rep Normal Ligairi visited rural schools in Cakaudrove giving out rugby balls and rugby gears to primary school students.

“This is where my heart is — to help children through my coaching skills and knowledge as I am a professional rugby coach,” Danny said.

“My visit to Fiji is to help the children with rugby donations and just spend time with dad.”

The series Taboo is a BBC television drama which is produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son Taboo was created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy and his father, Edward Hardy and is based on a story written by Tom and Chips Hardy.

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