‘Stalker’ claims year-long affair with Colin Firth’s wife

A MAN accused of stalking British actor Colin Firth’s wife has told The Sun that they shared a passionate year-long affair which saw them romp all over the world.

Livia Giuggioli, 48, has admitted to a fling with journalist Marco Brancaccia while temporarily separated from The King’s Speech screen star Firth.

According to The Sun, she and the actor have now reported the 55-year-old to police, accusing him of stalking her and sending terrifying messages plus an email with a compromising photo of her.

However, Brancaccia, who works for Italy’s national news agency ANSA in Brazil, insists he wasn’t a stalker and that their affair lasted nearly 12 months.

He said: “We met at a party at Colin and Livia’s house in Italy. I had known her for years and one thing led to another. We started an affair that lasted just under a year.

“She’d tell Colin she was on business trips and we’d meet all over the world. We met in New York, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and even London, where they live.

“I’d say we were very much in love. Sometimes when we were together she would get a call from Colin. I’m the one being called a stalker when I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.”

Brancaccia has been accused of waging an eight-month stalking campaign against the Firths — who have two sons — between September 2016 and May last year.

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