Stakeholders must unite to address NCDs

Update: 4:49PM IN order to better address the rise in Non-Communicable Diseases in Fiji, National Adviser on NCDs Dr Isimeli Tukana says a collective effort by different stakeholders in needed.

“We need the faith organisations and communities to help government and Ministry of Health and Medical Services in the prevention of NCD focusing on Children,” Dr Tukana said.

Dr Tukuna added proper care and parenting of children was also an important aspect of preventing the rise of NCDs. 

“Parenting Fijian Children from Pregnancy to 18 years of age is also a key strategic intervention in tackling NCDs in the country,” he said. 

“Fijian children have the right to health and we need to work together to ensure that all Fijian children have the environment to help them achieve optimal health.”

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