Stage set for Fiji Finals

Some athletes are said to have not qualified for their events which starts at the Coca-Cola Games at the ANZ Stadium in Laucala Bay, today. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The stage is set for an exciting three days of athletics action at the National Stadium in Suva starting today.

It seems that way from the outset. The fans are headed to the Capital City. The old scholars are loading social media, showing their support and allegiance.

The athletes are prepared for an event that has long attracted the imagination of thousands of Fijians annually. This is where the best of our high school athletes converge to test themselves. They will be arriving in Suva in the best shape of their lives.

With hours of preparation behind them, toned muscles itching to ignite into action, the athletes will be on show over the three days. Each will be raring to prove a point for their school, their family and fans, their old scholars and most importantly, for themselves.

The hype of the Commonwealth Games is still there. Many of our athletes will be trying to emulate their heroes. From today, over 2000 athletes from high schools around the country will begin their quest for glory.

Today is day one of the Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Finals, arguably the biggest and most anticipated sporting event in the country. It brings together our top high school athletes for three days of exciting action on the track and field.

Once again, attention will be on defending champion in the boys’ division Natabua High School and girls’ champion Adi Cakobau School. It is getting difficult to shrug off the impact the Fiji Finals has on the imagination of students, fans and parents around the country.

It has a special place in their hearts and minds for many reasons. Expect to see a kaleidoscope of colours on the field and on the stands. Expect the stadium to be like a cauldron brimming with people from all walks of life. Expect every imaginary demarcation lines to be cast aside.

This is where athletes will stand on equal footing to live their dreams. They will test themselves and discover the limits to which they can reach out to achieve glory.

We will witness talented youngsters realise their dreams and live for a great moment in their young lives. They will be hoping to be recognised as quality sportsmen and women with the distinction of having competed at the highest level of high school athletics in Fiji.

No matter where they come from, there is one common factor binding each athlete over the three days. They are among a select group of people who can proudly say they were part of the most popular high school sports event in the country.

The internet and high visibility in the media have all contributed to raise the profile of this event. The involvement of former students has also seen a rise in spectator numbers and intensity in preparation. So what makes the Fiji Finals special?

It has to be the people. From the fired up athlete to the support staff and everyone behind the scenes, the sponsors, members of the media, the fans and the old scholars, the food sellers, the cabbies, to the bus drivers servicing the many routes around the capital.

There are many faces, hands, and brains behind what makes this annual event the great show it is.

We wish all the athletes who will be participating this week the best and hope you will have lasting memories of the 2018 Fiji Finals.

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