Spot fine for illegal sales

TOBACCO product sellers have been warned to adhere to licensing conditions or cop a heavy spot fine of $1000.

Speaking at the Nadogo district meeting at Nasasa Village, Wainikoro health inspector Simeli Tuiteci reminded village headmen that the sale of loose cigarettes was illegal.

Mr Tuiteci said the $1000 fine also applied to those caught selling loose cigarettes.

He said the spot fine should be paid within 21 days, adding those who failed to pay within that period would have to ask for further extension from the magistrate in court.

Mr Tuiteci said the offence was most common in villages in the West where perpetrators were charged every week for either selling loose cigarettes or selling cigarettes without proper licences.

Reflecting on the seriousness of the offence in the North, Mr Tuiteci said they were yet to receive such reports, adding that village headmen had an important duty in reporting perpetrators to either police or their nearest health facility.

However, he has warned canteen owners that they had a Tobacco Control Unit that would begin monitoring villages in the North.

Mr Tuiteci said the unit was made up of enforcement officers, who were empowered under the Tobacco Control Act to deal with illegal operators.

He added that once perpetrators were caught, they would be handed to police to deal with them because it was an illegal act.

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