‘Splash’ climate change

PORT VILA – “Splash” is the first of its kind and latest campaign undertaken by Vanuatu Meteorology and its stakeholders to tackle the issue of climate change in Vanuatu.

Minister of Public Utilities and Infrastructure (MIPU), Jotham Napat, DG of Climate Change, Jesse Benjamin, director of Meteo David Gibson, staff members of Meteorology, representatives from different NGOs and stakeholders were literally splashed at by the fire services staff members last week to convey the message to the world that Vanuatu is suffering from the impacts of climate change.

Climate change talks continue to top agendas in international conferences.

A delegate of 22 people from Vanuatu will join more than 190 countries around the globe at the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in Marrakesh, Morocco from November 7-18, 2016.

The Vanuatu delegation includes Minister for Climate Change, Ham Lini, MP Albert Williams, DG Benjamin, director Chris Tavoa, director Dorosday Kenneth and Philip Malsale, Climate Division manager.

Dr Christopher Bartlett explained, “The ‘splash’ represents the impacts of climate change.

“The campaign therefore is highlighting the fact that climate change does not respect anyone regardless of whatever job or position one might hold.

“It is also echoing the message that while climate change may continue to ‘splash’ this country, the people are still resilient.”

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