Spiritual upbringing

MORE than 1000 youths are expected to converge at Subrail Park in Labasa for an annual camp as part of the spiritual upbringing program by the Methodist Church of Fiji.

The youth groups are from the various Methodist churches in Fiji and Rotuma including members of the Sunday school years three and four.

The church’s Reverend Jone Duvule said the annual camp would be a way to keep their children away from trouble during the holidays.

“This is an annual event for our Methodist Youth Fellowship where we will have various programs in place for them,” he said.

Mr Duvule said there would be non-government organisations, government bodies and police would have a day each to talk about their services and operations to the youths.

“This is another way our youths can get more information about what to do when they need assistance in terms of banking, where to go when they are faced with abuse and other different ways to get information,” he said.

“Most importantly they will be taught more on environment and what they can do to contribute in the fight against climate change.”

Mr Duvule said the programs provided were expected to change the youth’s mind-set.

“They will be taught on different services and operations by various government bodies together with how to go about with evangelism service and mission,” Mr Duvule said.

“This is another way they can live a balanced life and how they can preach about the Word of God and in this way we will be able to mould them to become a youth with spiritual thoughts and more understanding of living a life with God.”

Mr Duvule said the youths would also have a fundraising event at Subrail Park on Saturday.

“The funds raised will be forwarded to depositing a new vehicle for the Young People’s Department (YPD) in Davuilevu.”

The event will take place from December 4 to 11 and the youths will camp in schools close to Subrail Park.

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