Spirit of Pinktober

Yes, it’s Pinktober, breast cancer awareness month, so in the spirit of awareness-raising, I’d like to make you all a little more aware of what awareness campaigns are actually making you aware of.

Breast cancer was a disease spoken about behind closed doors, not something one would acknowledge in public.

Women had little support, and there was little understanding or acknowledgement of the emotional ramifications of suffering from the disease, or the emotional trauma of losing one or both breasts.

Many women suffered in silence with a deadly disease they considered shameful. Women today feel more empowered to take control of their health, and not ashamed to seek help.

And, to this day, these organisations dedicated to breast cancer awareness give women with breast cancer (and their loved ones) a feeling of community and support.

These are all undeniably excellent developments that have greatly benefited women with breast cancer.

But for now, let’s put the pinkwashing aside, and focus on the goals of breast cancer awareness month.

Give generously with a cheerful heart to support a worthy cause.

Neelz Singh


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