Spiking back

THE Nasinu Volleyball Association is on track to revival.

A new committee has taken over the reigns and plans to increase competitions and participation.

New president Joji Tavura said Nasinu used to be a powerhouse of volleyball in the country.

“But in the past four years, the sport died out in our community and there was very little competition,” he said.

“Now that we are here, we intend to take Nasinu back to its glory days when we used to produce national reps. I know there is a lot of talented volleyball players in Nasinu who are naturally gifted and we will do our best to expose these players so that they can showcase their talent to the nation.”

The association hosted a knockout tournament on Saturday and seven clubs of which three were womens’ team, competed in the event.

“This is a good start but we know there is a lot of interest in volleyball and there may be a lot of other clubs and teams in Nasinu and we want them to come to our next tournament.

“We are making an early start because by next year we want to be ready to challenge for the major titles in the country.”

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