Specialists help tots

ONE-year-old Mikaele Patrick, who used to have breathing problems since he was born, now has a new lease of life.

This was after a team of New Zealand specialists operated on him at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva on Wednesday.

Mikaele was earlier diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, and his parents were not aware of how serious his condition was until they moved to Suva from Natewa, Cakaudrove last month.

Colonial War Memorial Hospital pediatrician Dr Josese Turagava said Mikaele’s inability to breathe was caused by a hole in his diaphragm.

“He’s been with this condition ever since he was born and it’s caused by a hole in the muscle that helps people breathe, … it has made it very hard for him to breathe,” Dr Turagava said.

Mikaele’s mother Aliti Divura, 22, said she was relieved her son could now live a normal life.

“Since he was born he was always sickly and never got well, he kept getting admitted to the hospital and we did not know what was wrong,” Mrs Divura said.

“I am thankful to God and to the surgeons at CWMH and New Zealand, that he will be able to recover fully.”

Pediatric surgeon Dr Philip Morreau said their main priority was not only to conduct surgeries for children who had congenital problems with their chest and abdomen, but to also train the staff at CWMH to offer the best surgical care for its patients.

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