Special win for everyone

EVERYONE was a winner on Friday at the 2016 National Games for Special and Unified Athletes.

With 22 schools taking part, everyone was acknowledged for their work but chairperson Special Olympics Fiji, Bishwa Sidal said more work needed to be done to see the improvement in special athletes.

Sidal said they had also identified some athletes from the ages of 15 years and above that needed more training because they had shown potential in becoming national representatives.

“When we have programmes like this it’s very mix disability group so it won’t be fair to say that a particular school was the winner, taking that in mind if there are sports only organised for a certain disability group than that will be fair,” Sidal said.

He added they hoped that by next year they would be able to host the national games only for the athletes with special Olympic background.

“Only that we will be able to say the fast group, the middle group and the slow group, they’ll be able to run in their own disability group and then we will be able to give medals.”

Senior education officer Special and Inclusive Education, Litea Naliva in closing the event said she was honoured to be part of the two day event where “we had come together to celebrate diversity and inclusion through sports and fun.”

Organisers were able to organise the two-day event also through the assistance of Goodman Fielder Fiji and mobile network provider Digicel Fiji with some members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces also helping out in officiating at the games which included students with intellectual disability from the 22 schools that participated.

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