Speaker ready for another term

SPEAKER of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni is ready to take on the role of Speaker if given the chance to continue in her role.

Section 77 (1) of the 2013 Fijian Constitution states that at its first sitting after a general election, and whenever required to fill a vacancy, Parliament must elect, by simple majority vote — (a) a Speaker, who is not a member of Parliament, but who is qualified to be a candidate for election as a member of Parliament.

In an interview with this newspaper after the release of the final results of the 2018 General Election, Dr Luveni hinted that she was ready for another Parliament term.

“For me, it really depends on who they are going to elect. “As soon as the members of Parliament are sworn in then they will elect the Speaker,” she said.

If given a chance, she said, she “cannot dodge from service to the country”.

Meanwhile, she also clarified that the re-advertisement of the post of Secretary General to Parliament in the past few weeks was a normal procedure after the expiration of her contract.

“That is normal procedure at the end of her contract and I won’t be surprised if she comes back in again,” Dr Luveni said.

“So we are just waiting for what the results are going to be.”

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