‘Speak to your children’

Selina Kuruleca expressing her views in Suva. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Speak to your children and keep them engaged in wholesome activities, that will keep them away from engaging in games such as “Charlie Charlie”.

That was the advice of psychotherapist Selina Kuruleca to parents concerned about children in schools being engaged in a game which allegedly summoned demonic spirits.

“When children do not know what’s happening, their curiosity will be spiked and they are likely to engage or follow peers if they think it’s fun,” she said.

Ms Kuruleca said all parties needed to be vigilant.

“Parents are the first teachers in the first classroom – the home. Let’s talk to our kids about these events, do some research together, answer their questions and seek correct factual information together.

“Teachers need to supervise more carefully and be aware of the trends and the ongoings that is occuring in the classroom on the school grounds and address it effectively and immediately.”

Ms Kuruleca advised teachers to document behaviours that were unruly, a threat or perceived threat to other students and persons on the school property.

“Call on the extensive network of ex-students non-governmental organisations, counselling support services, faith-based services. Offer alternate activites that are creative for our kids.”

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