South Africa ‘bullying’

DHARAMSALA, India – The Dalai Lama has accused South Africa of “bullying a simple person” after authorities there failed to give him a visa to attend a summit of Nobel peace laureates.

His comments on Thursday, at a ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of his 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, followed claims that the peace summit had been cancelled after several other laureates pulled out in protest.

“The Nobel Peace Summit scheduled to be held in South Africa to honour the legacy of our fellow laureate, the late Nelson Mandela, has been cancelled as the South African government wouldn’t allow me to attend it,” the Dalai Lama said in a speech in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala where he is based.

“This is sort of bullying a simple person.”

South Africa has been criticised in the past for refusing to grant the Dalai Lama a visa, reportedly under pressure from China which regards the 79-year-old as a separatist.