Someone through hard work

Navua fisherman Faruk Mohammed Hassan takes some time out from his busy schedule to tell his story in Navua. Picture: SOPHIA RALULU

Navua fisherman Faruk Mohammed Hassan takes some time out from his busy schedule to tell his story in Navua. Picture: SOPHIA RALULU

THERE is a saying by the 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933 Herbert Hoover about fishing: “Be patient and calm for no one can catch fish in anger.”

This quote simply describes Faruk Mohammed Hassan, a humble fisherman from Tokotoko in Navua, who has been fishing for the past 25 years.

His calm character is what sets him apart and his simple nature has made him one of the go-to-guys in Navua for fresh fish supply.

Faruk, who was born and raised in Navua, made sure that his short-lived education wouldn’t dampen his spirit of becoming successful in life.

Faruk’s dream of attaining an academic qualification was cut short when his parents informed him about not being able to afford his school fees when he just started Form 5 (Year 11) back in 1980.

With hopes of a brighter future crushed, Faruk resorted to fishing as a way to assist his father provide for his family.

Today, when Faruk looks back, he never blames his parents for not being able to afford his education because he has been able to provide for his family, put his children through school and university by being just a simple fisherman.

He said one of the major setbacks of being a fisherman was the weather.

“If the weather is fine throughout the week, we can go out fishing about six days in a week.

“Fishing is like gambling, sometimes you have good days, sometimes you get less and other times you don’t get anything at all but we learn to be content,” he said.

“If it’s windy, we can stay home for a week or even a month if the weather doesn’t change and we make sure that we have a positive attitude.”

Over the years Faruk has been able to replace his boat when it’s needed to be replaced and he has even bought a new boat.

“I bought the new boat last year and I spent more than $4000 for the boat and extra $7000 for the engine. When my boat gets old I try and get a new one so that the business continues and doesn’t die out,” he said.

“I’ve never worked anywhere else after high school .My advice to young people out there is to try hard to be someone in life.

“It doesn’t mean that you haven’t completed your studies that you will never be anyone in life, you can be someone through hard work and I’ve seen that happen in my life.”

He said it was a great feeling to see his children grow up and complete their university studies.

“Now they contribute to the family and even to our community,” he said.

Faruk has a fishing licence that allows him to fish at specific fishing grounds in Namosi and he supplies fish to his daughter’s frozen goods store in Navua.

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