Solomon Islands undersea cable to be ready by 2019

Australian High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands Roderick Brazier.

HONIARA, 24 OCTOBWER 2018 (SOLOMON STAR)  – Australian High Commissioner Roderick Brazier says that submarine cable to deliver faster internet service will be ready at the end of 2019 for service.

He was speaking during a brief visit onboard the RV Northern Endeavors over the weekend.

The ship is currently in the country to survey the domestic routes where the cables will be laid and land.

“The construction of this project commenced in July this year and the cables will be ready for service by the end of next year,” Brazier said.

He added that the vessel will map the route where the Coral Sea cable system will be laid and how Solomon Islands domestic network will run and the landing sites.

He explained the purpose of this marine survey is to accurately map the sea floor and chart the most accurate and safe route for the new submarine cable before it is manufactured.

He said progress has been made in ensuring the project is successful to transform and benefit the nation.

“Yes together we are making good progress in building the international and domestic telecommunication cables.

“This project has the potential to be truly transformative for Solomon Islands and I am excited to celebrate this important milestone towards its completion,” he said.

High Commissioner Brazier said this will deliver faster and more reliable internet for the people of this country and provide them with a capacity that is approximately 30,000 times greater than current demand.

“A more reliable, faster internet with far greater capacity will increase connectivity and support business growth.

“This will create new opportunities and foster innovations in health, education and other critical sectors and will allow families and communities to reach out other people and countries around the world,” he said.

Australia has engaged Vocus, a telecommunications company to manage the delivery of the Coral Sea cable system and Solomon Islands domestic network.

Solomon Submarine Cable will build the appropriate civil infrastructure and put the necessary equipment in place to receive the cable and distribute it to internet retails.

High Commissioner Brazier said that his governments have set an ambitious and accelerated time-frame for the project and this project will be owned and operated by Solomon Submarine Cable thereafter.

“You can track the status of this project and read more about it on new coral sea cable system website on that came on line just two days ago.

He added that Australia’s strong support for this project is a reflection of its enduring commitment to growth and prosperity in Solomon Islands, and the region.

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