Solomon Islands Police Force sign MoU with PNG Police

HONIARA – The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force(RSIPF) and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to govern future cooperation between the two police forces.

RSIPF Commissioner Matthew Varley and the RPNGC Commissioner, Gari Baki signed the MoU during a ceremony at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara following a bilateral discussion between the two Commissioners.

The MoU sets out the framework between the parties in relation to cooperation on law enforcement issues and the exchange of information between the two police forces.

Areas of cooperation that both parties will be focus on includes:

*Joint or coordinated operations;


*Secondment or exchange of personnel;

* Community policing;

*Border security;

*Transnational crime;


*Prosecution; and

*Any other areas of shared priorities and common interest as may be agreed to by the two parties.

During the MoU signing ceremony, RSIPF Commissioner Varley says, “This is a very important moment for the relationship between the two police forces.”

Varley says, “We recognise that in the modern age cooperation between police forces is absolutely essential in national security and for peaceful communities both domestically and regionally.”

“This MoU is a symbolic step forward between the two police forces. We both agreed that much more can be done to step up our cooperation and look for ways to share skills and share abilities to combat crime,” says Commissioner Varley.

Commissioner Gari Baki of the RPNGC says, “I am looking forward under this MoU to have my officers coming over to Solomon Islands to attach here to expose them to your training and for officers of RSIPF to come over to what we do as well.”

Commissioner Baki says, “I am happy as the Commissioner of the RPNGC to able to sign the MoU today. It’s something that we want to achieve long time ago and now it has come about.”

Commissioner Baki’s visit to the RSIPF is at the invitation of RSIPF Commissioner Varley. Commissioner Baki was given the honour to inspect a parade by members of the RSIPF at the Rove Police Headquarters as well as visited several departments including Forensics, National Response Department, Operation Safety Training and the RSIPF Police Garage. Commissioner Baki is also expected to visit the RSIPF Explosive Ordnance Facility at the Alligator Creek East of Honiara and the RSIPF Maritime Department.

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