Solar-powered outboard engines

“There is a possibility of having solar- powered outboard engines.”

This was the view of the University of the South Pacific’s associate professor in physics Dr Atul Raturi.

Mr Raturi said solar-powered engines had been successful for land transport and strongly believes we can also have the same result for boat transportation.

“The first thing being done is on land transport first, you will see electric vehicles, so wherever you could charge the vehicles, you could go.

“For boats and all it is possible, but to charge and the number of solar panels required to charge the boat, unless you charge the batteries on the coast and then you put it in the boat and that is definitely possible, but charging on coast will be required.

With the maritime islands relying a lot on boats, Mr Raturi said this was a worthy investment.

“This is something we will want to explore. You see once you have electric motors, whether it is a car or it is a boat, or even a plane, the only thing is we will have to have the whole setup, so you have to have charging stations for batteries and maintenance.

“Comes with a lot of investment but it pays back, if we find there is value, there will be investors coming in. First thing we must do is make people aware that these things are possible.”

Mr Raturi said by having solar-powered outboard engines meant reducing our carbon footprints.

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