Solar power identified as electricity source

SOLAR was identified as a possible major source of electricity for Rabi Island during the National Development Plan consultation yesterday.

The island, which constitutes four villages namely, Tabewa, Uma, Tabiang and Buakonikai, has about 3600 people living on it.

Rabi Council of Leaders executive director David Christopher said the island needed a consistent electricity supply.

“The island relies heavily on the use of a generator to supply electricity for the different villages,” Mr Christopher said. “This is not very convenient because it usually runs out and we need a supply of electricity that functions for 24 hours.

“I think that solar would be a very good source of electricity on the island.”

Tabiang Village chairwoman Taugare Ruata said they needed the electricity for the sake of their children.

“Our children are our main priority and we need electricity so they can have more time to study so they could access other technologies like computers from home,”she said.

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