Solar power for garment factory

ONE of the leading Pacific solar energy providers has installed a 273kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) array to provide clean, reliable energy at the Mark One Apparel’s Suva textile factory.

Sunergise system will produce an impressive 350MWh of renewable electricity annually, and displace more than 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting 1300 trees.

Sunergise director Ajay Raniga says the Fijian Made label has come to represent a hallmark of high standards and great value.

“The garments we produce here are a perfect example of why Fiji’s manufacturing sector has earned a strong reputation worldwide.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Mark One, one of Fiji’s premier clothing exporters, to keep Fiji at the forefront of this global industry.

“Solar powering Mark One’s factory will enable the company to continue their tradition of producing high quality clothing that embodies environmental sustainability, a commitment that is at the heart of the Fijian Made ethos.”

He said the solar panels, installed by Sunergise’s engineering partner Clay Energy, would enable Mark One to save thousands of dollars in electricity costs and “green” its carbon footprint.

The only specialist in men’s shirts and women’s blouses in the Pacific region, and renowned for quality manufacturing, Mark One Apparelis committed to leading the way with state-of-the-art technology and practices.

Mark One Apparel chairman Mark Halabe said there was a good feeling about knowing most of their power was from a renewable source with the added knowledge they were saving money every month.

With these savings, he said this would allow a slight competitive edge while also attracting new customers who valued their commitment for an environmentally sustainable energy source.

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