Solanki’s Savusavu shop

ASK anyone in Cakaudrove about D Solanki & Sons Ltd and be assured that they’d tell you a lot about the company.

The company located along Savusavu Town’s main street, popular for its unique clothing materials, jewellery and other drapery items has attracted a wide range of customers — locally and internationally.

The company owner and director Sharad Solanki also calls himself a ‘kai Savusavu’ and is known for his favourite iTaukei quote ‘e bulu I Savusavu noqu vicovico’ (my umbilical cord) is buried here in Savusavu).

Born and brought up in the town of the hidden paradise, Mr Solanki is adamant of positive changes and growth.

Despite the 2007 tragedy that totally destroyed his shop along the town’s main street, Mr Solanki has never looked back.

“I never lost faith in God knowing that he alone has brought us this far and I remain positive of growth in this town,” he said.

“We need to initiate the changes of growth and if we have the attitude to wait for change, then not much will be done.

“We need to be agents of change because change will happen and if we don’t go with the trend of development, we will be left behind.”

The company employs 15 people who work in the D Solanki shop and tailoring section.

Mr Solanki said a positive attitude he had seen among his customers and the community was prioritising their shopping lists.

“At this time of the year, parents are now coming around to buy school uniforms and stationery for their children which is very encouraging,” he said.

“We sell a variety of items for our customers and at the best and affordable prices as well.”

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