‘SODELPA’ defies odds

Jockey Luke Buadromo rode his horse "SODELPA" to victory in the Fiji Times Local Horse 1400m Race at the Sabeto Races in Nadi today. Picture: REINAL CHAND

NAVOSA steed SODELPA defied all odds to win the Fiji Times Local Horse 1400m race at Sabeto this afternoon.

The Navosa-based horse made a slow start but picked up the pace later in the race to outpace other competitors for the top award.

Horse owner Kitione Yavala said his team had prepared well for the competition.

“We have been racing for four years and we are excited with this win,” he said.

“SODELPA is one of the champion horses in Navosa and I am glad we have stamped our mark here.”
More than hundred horses competed at the races.

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