Society targets $90k

THE Fiji Cancer Society hopes to raise $90,000 this year which will be used to fund earmarked projects.

The society said the total figure was to assist in the setting up of a psychological center which will be a helpline to those diagnosed with cancer as well as their family members.

“These helplines will be manned by volunteers. The money that we raise this year will also be channeled to train these volunteers,” the society said.

“As a large proportion of Fiji’s population is young and not yet at high risk of cancer, now is the time to make sure people remain healthy and are aware of healthy behaviours from the start of their education, and life.”

The society said supporting fundraising activities such as the Bushells Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea events, Pinktober initiative and other fundraising events was critical to the funding and financing of programs.

“This is our 11th consecutive year, in hosting these iconic morning tea events in partnership with the Motibhai Group. At this same event last year Fiji Cancer raised a total of $61,000 in this ‘Bushells Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea’ campaign,” the society said.

About 70 organisations participated in the Bushells Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea.

“We’ve also been extremely saddened these last few months because a few of our advocates that stood up to tell their story last year are no longer with us,” the society said.

“This makes our advocacy work even more important and innovate partnerships like this are a blessing in the work of the society and an acknowledgment of the work of all our survivors, especially those who have now gone on.”

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