Social worker joins NFP

BA social worker and businessman Davendra Naidu is hoping to create history as the first parliamentarian in his family.

Mr Naidu, who is a third generation NFP supporter, believes that the 2018 General Election would result in a victory for the country’s oldest political party.

He says he hopes that his firm belief in NFP’s policies and rich history could win him a seat in Parliament.

“I am from Ba and I have been doing social work for the last 25 years,” he said during a recent NFP rally in Lautoka.

“I was advisory chairman for the Ba district, chairman for Local Rural Authority and chairman for TISI Sangam and chairman for Senior Citizens’ Committee in Ba and also the president of my cane gang.

“The National Federation Party is the oldest party in this country and I am a third generation NFP candidate from my family.

“I am very proud to say that my dad was also in the party and was one of the founders of NFP.

Mr. Naidu said that he decided to join NFP and fight this election because the party has always believed in principled policies and democracy.

“Today we hardly have democracy in Fiji,” he claimed.

He said he believed there was room for improvement in the country’s investments and the agriculture sector.

“I am an agriculture man and also a business man.

“There is a lot to be done in the agriculture sector and even in the business sector, especially in our investments.

“For the country to do well economically, we need international investors which we hardly see today,” he claimed.

“When our party is in power, we will make sure that we bring in more international investors so that our youths can have good and quality jobs.

“For election this year, I hope that people vote for change. We need change in Fiji. About three-quarters of my life, I have spent under coups. We want to free people from that too.”

Mr Naidu is one of more than 30 provisional candidates for the National Federation Party vying for a place in Parliament.

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