Social media, no reference for factual proposition: Justice Gates

Chief Justice Anthony Gates. Picture: ATU RASEA

FIJI’S Chief Justice Anthony Gates says he has not seen in an affidavit a citation to social media as a reference for a factual proposition.

Speaking at the Sir Moti Tikaram Memorial Lecture at the University of Fiji in Suva last night, he said some may consider this form of communication channel to be a new forensic technology.

However, to resort to social media, Justice Gates said was an undesirable shortcut and a source a layer below that of old fashioned hearsay evidence.

“For the moment, they remain a mix of folksy hearsay, gossip, old fashioned malice and thick layers of Irish blarney,” Justice Gates said.

Justice Gates made these comments following claims posted on social media that Professor Shaista Shameem had visited him to lobby for her ‘so said’ favoured candidate to succeed the chief justice when he retired.

He said the visit was instead about the lecture.

The Sir Moti Tikaram Memorial Lecture is an event hosted by the university annually.

The event was held at the university’s new lecture theatre at the Samabula campus.

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