Soccer players lend helping hand

SOCCER players took time off from their normal training sessions to help neighbours rebuild their lives after their homes were demolished by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.

National and Ba rep Junior Narend Rao joined former national rep Semesa Nakosia clean up the debris caused by the cyclone at FSC compound in Ba yesterday.

The duo also helped in rebuilding damaged houses in the community thus missing out on their training sessions.

Rao said he felt for his neighbours and wanted to help them rebuild their homes and lives.

“Most of my neighbours had their houses was destroyed and the least I could do is help them rebuild their lives and homes,” he said.

“I wanted to train but again I felt for my neighbours and I am grateful to have Semesa also helping out.”

Rao also called on all sportspersons in the country to join hands and help the affected members of the society.

“I believe this is an opportune time for all sportspeople to unite and help cyclone victims.

“These people need help and motivation to rebuild their lives and it’s appropriate to give them the support.”

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