Soccer league

I believe the Fiji Football Association is rushing matches just to complete the league before November 15.

A double-header involving four teams tomorrow followed by another double-header with the same four teams on Sunday, less than 24 hours later! Absolute nonsense.

Writing more criticism about Fiji FA may lead me to losing my cool and may potentially land me behind bars!

The grand question is: Why is everyone so “OK” with how soccer is run in Fiji? Or are they?

Sukha’s comment on Labasa’s IDC celebration comes to mind when thinking about mentalities.

Plus, the nonsense of not allowing transferred players to represent their new teams in the league, especially after their participation for their new teams in the IDC.

Wake up Fiji FA, I believe you were supposed to complete the league before the IDC.

I believe those running the show would be going “yeah, right” after reading this. I know this is utter crap I wrote.

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