Snooker to battle for $5k

THE richest local snooker event of the year sponsored by Carpenters Finance gets underway this morning with a host of current and former club, zonal and national champions participating.

The Carpenters Finance Nadi Sports and Social Club Open Championship has attracted players such as Rahil Prasad, Walter Robinson, Sahil Prasad, Viliame Umu, Yogen Prasad, Ravi Narayan, Sikeli Nawaqaliva, Shalen Gounder, Ismail Wali, Esala Talebula, David Reddy, Vinesh Prasad and Mahen Deo all of whom have tasted title victories.

Fifty-eight players have entered the championship.

Nadi Sports snooker coordinator Rimal Narayan said many veterans would face stiff challenges from upcoming players.

“Snooker requires skill and patience,” Rimal said.

“It is not only to pot the balls in the pockets to earn points.

“There are other ways like to hook the ball so the opponent misses it and then gives away points for fouls.”

Carpenters Finance has given $5000 for the two-day championship with the winner receiving $700.

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