Snap checks ahead of Diwali holiday

THERE has been a decrease in certain products that are widely used during Diwali, says Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila Kumar.

Ms Kumar said the price of items such as ghee had been reduced, which showed there was a lot of competition in the market, leading to a price decrease.

“We have been doing our checks and the thing is all those items which are under price control —that’s where the compliance is,” she said.

Ms Kumar said other items that were not under price control meant that traders had the liberty to reduce or increase prices at will.

She said there was a range of items that people bought during Diwali — hardware items, furniture, clothes, cleaning detergents and, of course, food.

The council advised consumers to be careful while shopping for their Diwali preparations and urged them to always check their receipts against the prices on the items they were buying.

Meanwhile, the council is keeping a close watch on misleading advertisements.

Ms Kumar urged consumers to call their toll free consumer help line on 155 to report any consumer related concerns.

Yesterday, council officers carried out snap checks at the various supermarkets that sold firecrackers and other items which are widely used during Diwali.

Diwali will be celebrated with a public holiday on October 31.

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