Smartphone revolution now available in Fiji

THERE’S a new smartphone in town — the S9 and S9+ by Samsung.

The latest version of Samsung Galaxy handsets comes just about year after the electronic giant introduced the predecessors S8 and S8+.

And if you’ve ever wondered when the revolution of smartphones like the Galaxy range would end, think again as the ever evolving digital age keeps innovation, innovation and efficiency among other traits at check.

The new range of Samsung Galaxy phones were launched “Blue Carpet” style in Suva last night by local telecommunications provider — Vodafone Fiji.

According to Vodafone Fiji chief marketing officer Rajnesh Prasad, the new Samsung S9 and S9+ plus comes with advance camera features which recognised the changing consumer behaviour towards smart devices.

“The consumer behaving is changing from reading and browsing written content to watching and viewing pictures and videos,” Mr Prasad said.

“The age-old adage of “seeing is believing” is now a reality with smartphones. People have now taken to watching videos, pictures, graphic images and emoji’s as a way of communicating and learning.”

Made for an age in which consumers increasingly communicate and express themselves with images, videos and emojis, Mr Prasad said the Galaxy S9 and S9+ drove innovation with Samsung’s most advanced camera ever.

Vodafone Fiji earlier this month opened the pre-order for smartphones — S9 and S9+, enabling customers to pre-order the latest Samsung range and be amongst the first to lay their hands on this device.

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