Smart solutions critical

THE survival of the Pacific and its people depends on the smart solutions to be implemented by the Pacific Meteorological Council (PMC) at its third meeting, says outgoing chairman Ravind Kumar.

The director of Fiji’s Meteorological Services reminded members of the council of the trust bestowed on them by their governments and their people.

“We must honestly and diligently uphold this trust and find real and smart solutions for enhancing meteorological service delivery as their survival hangs on our work,” Mr Kumar said.

Presenting his statement to the council, the Fijian Met Service director informed its members of the need to reflect on their past work and achievements as a region and to ponder the challenging times ahead.

He also highlighted the resolutions made at the recent World Meteorological Congress in Geneva.

These resolutions include disaster risk reduction where meteorological services needed to shift towards impact-based forecasts and risk-based multi-hazard early warnings of high impact meteorological and hydrological events.

Other resolutions focus on the need to align with the global framework for climate services; implementation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) integrated global observing system; aviation met services and capacity development.

He said a new WMO program for small island developing states (SIDS) would accelerate the council’s efforts to enhance the region’s capability in the next decade.