Small business owner happy with $1000 grant

Eroni Vunibola was one of the recipients of the Micro and Small Business Grants last week. Picture: MONIKA SINGH

ERONI Vunibola, 68, retired 12 years ago and decided to start his own business to supplement his family’s income and over the years he has been able to assist his family with his small grog selling canteen.

Mr Vunibola was one of the recipients of government’s micro and small business grants that was distributed by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya in Valelevu last week.

He received $1000 from the Government as a leg-up for his business with 1004 other small business operators and those who had plans to start their own business.

“I opened by own grog selling business — a small store — from my home in Raiwaqa 12 years ago and that business has helped me a lot in running my household,” he said. He said this was the first time he applied for the grant and was happy that the government had seen potential in his business and gave him the grant.

Mr Vunibola said there were many people who had good ideas but money to start the business was always an issue.

“We are so happy that the Government came up with this idea and has helped so many people start up their own businesses,” he said.

Mr Vunibola said he initially did not know about the grant but had heard from some friends and he decided to apply for it. “I will use this money to expand my business as there is a huge demand from people for grog,” he said.

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