Small and sure

THE lives of the residents of Navuca and Sauva settlements in Tailevu have definitely changed for the better last Friday when Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama commissioned electrification projects for them. Through the projects, the people in those settlements should now have access to a reliable supply of electrical power.

In our minds, whatever the reason may be, having access to a switch which when thrown floods a room with light is a sign of progress. Those who cannot do the same are perceived to be backward.

Perceptions aside, there are some real benefits to be drawn from having a reliable supply of electricity.

Couple that reliable supply with quality lighting implements, children can study under better conditions since they do not have to resort to candles, kerosene lanterns and the like for the source of their illumination as they study.

For those who are so inclined and equipped, the better conditions might allow them a little more time with their books which should translate into better results in their school work.

That growing success can also have a ripple effect in other aspects of the lives of students as they grow more sure of themselves.

Given that we now live in an age of instantaneous communication, having a constant and reliable power supply means people can be always plugged in to the worldwide web, so to speak.

They can read and see for themselves what is transpiring around the country and also the world as it happens or just a little after it happens.

Since it has been said that information is power, the residents of these two recently electrified settlements must ensure that their ready access to information not only enlightens them, but also serves as a prompt of meaningful conversation and reflection among themselves as individuals and with those close to them.

They can ask why certain things are happening the way they are and tap into multiple sources to ensure they have a well-rounded understanding of what is happening elsewhere.

By the same token, they can also make an informed decision as to whether they want the same events unfolding in other places to happen in their lives or not.

They must also ensure the information used as a basis for meaningful, positive conversation is factual.

These are some of the small steps which can be taken to ensure that the events of last Friday lead to maybe not so small but definitely sure changes in their lives and those around them.

It is also an opportunity for the rest of us to reflect on the “small” things we already have in our lives which can be further harnessed for continued improvement for the individual, group, community and the country at large as that is the surest way we can all grow together.

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