Slow start for market kava seller

Krishna Sami (left) and Akuila Naidu (right) with Swami Nadan at his kava stall at the Lautoka market yesterday. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Lautoka market mixed kava seller Swami Nadan said he was looking forward to getting his business back on track after recently being allowed to operate his kava stall at the market.

Mr Nadan, who has been selling mixed kava for over three years at the market, said his kava business came to a grinding halt in the wake of COVID-19 containment measures enforced by the authorities earlier in the year.

“I started selling mixed kava from last week Monday at my stall which lay vacant for many months and, honestly, although I am happy for this decision to fall through, the business is very slow,” he said.

Mr Nadan said for the past five months, his kava stall was closed as the sale of mixed kava was stopped by the Government because of COVID-19 health protocols in place.

“This is not a regular site as before COVID-19, the mixed kava business was a hit in all municipal markets but now, we can hardly see people sitting and drinking kava at the markets.

“A lot of people are still economically affected by the pandemic and, understandably, our customers have dwindled,” said Mr Nadan.

Regular customer to Mr Nadan’s stall, Akuila Naidu, said he was glad to be back at the market enjoying mixed kava and hoped to see more people at the kava stalls.

“I am hoping to see my friends here at the market since the restrictions on drinking and selling mixed kava at the Lautoka market have been lifted.”

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