Slim chance for Lautoka in OFC

LAUTOKA has a slim chance of winning the 2018 Oceania Champions League final.

Vodafone Fiji football coach Christophe Gamel who has been helping Lautoka told Oceania Football Confederation that Lautoka has a  30 per cent chance of winning the title.

“We have to say that for us it will be very hard. But I am not saying we will lose, no, regarding the balance of the force they are above us,” OFC website reported.

“We are outsiders and they are favourites. But as usual the problem is two games. If it were one game I would say 50-50. But believe me, the 30 per cent we will optimise it, be sure of that.”

Lautoka plays Team Wellington at Dave Farrington Park in Wellington, New Zealand at 2pm.

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