Sleek ride

From the day his mother bought the car for him, Zebran Zeron Khan, 27, began modification works — one that took a lot of time and required patience to transform a simple Toyota Starlet 1991 model into a super car. This week we meet a youngster and owner of one of Fiji’s sleek rides.

Better known as Zeron, he gives his experience about transforming his ride.

An auto detailer by profession Zeron’s ride has an added “touch of class” among Toyota Starlet GT cars. It features turbo specs, 4FT running T25 turbo and it’s street legal.

Zeron says he has not tested it to its full capacity speed however he’s not done yet with upgrades and hopes to make it go faster for future drag race purposes.

“The car was bought in 2011, it is a factory GT Starlet and I started modifying as soon as it arrived,” he said.

“I grew up in a car loving family and my dad owned a A20 model Celica and he sold it and later bought a T160 model Celica so my interests of owning a car one day came from there.

Zeron didn’t actually put a figure on how much he spent for modification however he emphasised that he spent a lot to modify and won’t stop any time soon.

“Well if you own a performance car and you’re spending on the right parts, it sure does take time to put a car together like this and patience is a major practice as performance parts are not sold at local part stores — and you have to import them from overseas which takes time,” he said.

Zeron’s dream car is to own a Toyota Supra.

He has gained a lot of knowledge about modifying cars and especially conducting a thorough research to know what he needed.

He said research was good.

“The right parts will keep you in the right track. Installing fancy coloured lights won’t make your car go faster. Modification costs depends on what you go for. If you want your car to go faster then you’ll have to spend more to get it done.”

Zeron said parts for his 1991 model were hard to find locally. Every performance part was imported from overseas and it’s not easy knowing our Fijian dollars is weak and shipping takes time.

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