Sisters start cake, pastry business

Baking Bliss by Shal (BBBS) is a cake and pastry business in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

Sisters Shalvina and Sonal Deo see a huge demand for cakes in Fiji and have ventured together to make a business of it.

Baking Bliss by Shal (BBBS) is a cake and pastry business in Suva.

“We are based in Tacirua Heights, Suva and we operate from home,” said Ms Shalvina.

“The main aim for starting up this business was to bring in new cake flavours, recipes and international-level baking services to the people of Fiji.”

The sisters bake and deliver cakes, pastries, sweet boxes, etc. BBBS was said to be a new venture, which was less than a year old, according to Ms Shalvina.

“It was during lockdown in 2021, we converted our passion for baking into a business and that is when BBBS started.

“From a very early age we had a passion for baking.

“We used to bake for our families and relatives and they were all amazed by our creations. We learned everything by ourselves.

“Online videos, blogs/vlogs and our own ideas allowed us to start BBBS.”

Ms Shalvina said they were not only self-taught bakers learning from various online videos, they had also watched their mother and grandmother bake.

“We do not employ any other staff, however, both of our husbands help us in our magical baking studio to produce amazing and mouth-watering cakes and desserts.”

Ms Shalvina added having a full-time job and working on cakes was tiring at times, however, pre-planning was one of the keys to successful baking and delivering day.

“We have learned to use the four Ps of the business (people targeted customers, process, our main product and the most important part of our business promotion tactics).”

The business usually has its peak time during celebration periods such as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

“There is not a targeted or major clienteles in particular. We serve each and all individuals within their budget range,” she said.

Operating a cake business online was not a challenge for the sisters as they found people tend to support small business locally.

“During the lockdown it seemed people were just sitting in comfort zone and ordering cake and having it delivered.

“We started from selling cake bubbles that got very popular.

“We felt that opening cake business during 2nd wave of COVID in Fiji was the best decision we ever made.”

Ms Shalvina added during this period they were working from home. She said office work was hectic and came with a lot of pressure.

“This was the phase for us to open a business. Also, operating online is less costly.

“In an era when food is becoming chemistry, BBBS focuses on raw, natural, and sometimes organic and local ingredients to create its product.

“Thus, our products taste better and are better for our customers.”

Each of the BBBS products contains extra detail to set it apart from the competition, according to Ms Shalvina.

“We ensure that our products appeal to the eye as well as to the stomach. As we say, the sky is the limit when developing a cake design.

“We cater to the wants and needs of our customers in every way possible.

“When customers want detailed or shaped cakes, we match the picture or the design that they provide. Customer service is our number one priority.

“We ensure that each customer is treated with kindness, respect, and a warm welcome.”

There was a huge demand for cakes in Fiji as according to Ms Shalvina birthdays were celebrated every day.

“Cake-cutting means celebration and nearly every family needs a cake during celebration.

“In this modern world, we try to do everything with creativity and bring in new cake ideas/designs.”

The sisters plan to expand their business in the near future.

“We are just waiting for the right time.

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