Sincere apologies

This is in regards to my letter yesterday (FT 20/07) about Jogindar Singh Kanwal where the fifth paragraph was sourced from Wikipedia.

Mr Kanwal’s name is not Jaswant Singh Kanwal but Jogindar Singh Kanwal. I believe the information in my letter was about some Jaswant Singh Kanwal. I would like to apologise to the Kanwal family for the grief and sorrow that was created by that piece. That was not my intention and I can only imagine the frustration and the sadness that source has created.

It was about this piece (Jaswant Singh Kanwal was a novelist, short story writer and essayist of the Punjabi language. He was born in the village of Dhudike, Moga District, Punjab, India. As a teenager he left school and went to Malaya. He was awarded the Punjabi Sahit Shiromani Award in 2007. He has published several books. His novels usually have a rustic feel and depict the rural life of Punjab very vividly. His writings generally question firmly held social customs and beliefs. He has left leanings and many of his most popular novels champion the cause of socially relevant issues like social and gender equality. He is also known to take tough political stands in his newspaper essays. Later on he became a supporter of Khalistan movement. — Wikipedia).

The fact remains that the late Mr Kanwal of Ba was a very humble and kind person and a very respected legend.

I sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding.

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