Simultaneous process for TB and brucellosis eradication

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy says eradicating tuberculosis and brucellosis in Fiji's cattle industry will be a simultaneous process. Picture: FT FILE

ERADICATING tuberculosis and brucellosis in Fiji’s cattle industry will be a simultaneous process, says Agriculture Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy.

The issue was highlighted in Parliament yesterday after questions were posed by Opposition MPs on government efforts to revive the industry.

Mr Reddy said they would work in stages within a time frame of 10 to 15 years.

“We are looking at bringing back sources of breeder bulls and cattle, this will bring a major increase in milk and beef supply,” he said.

“The rehabilitation of the cattle industry will be a simultaneous process.”

Mr Reddy said it took 40 years for New Zealand and Australia to fully revive their cattle industry.

Apart from reviving the cattle industry, he added they were considering an increase in cattle imports to boost the dairy industry in Fiji.

“We are also reviving a scheme in Sigatoka, a breeding station for cattle.”

Mr Reddy said over the past six years, the Government had invested a total of $3.7million in the dairy industry.

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