Silktails work on bonding

The Silktails Rugby League team in the pool session at Damodar City Aquatic Centre yesterday. Picture: RAMA

AS they gear up towards the New South Wales Ron Massey Cup, the Kaiviti Silktails team is taking every opportunity to get to know each other.

Penioni Tagituimua said the players bond was getting stronger each day.

“We are all local players and being part of this squad is a blessing to me, they help me through any circumstances and we help each other either on or off the field,” Tagituimua said.

“We are grateful that we the local players are being recognised.

“This is a great opportunity for us to stamp our mark and showcase our talent and hopefully get a chance to play in professional rugby league.

“There is so much talent in Fiji and we are grateful to the management for working so hard in developing these talents.”

High performance unit manager Tom Watkins said they were trying to develop as much talent as they could in Fiji.

“I think how it’s going to work is that we will have a development system where there is a big core group and we have the training squad underneath that can filter in players to the main team in case there is an injury.”

The team has been going through a lot of tough training and ending with a pool session at the National Aquatic Centre yesterday.

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