Silktails prepare for first trial match

Rusiate Vakaloloma leads the Kaiviti Silktails as Jim Tukana delivers the ball during their training session at Buckhurst Ground in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU/FILE

THE Kaiviti Silktails rugby league team is working on fine-tuning its conditioning and game plan before the players attend their first trial this weekend.

High performance unit manager Tom Watkins said the players had been working on their fitness as they buildup for their friendly game on Saturday.

“It’s about fine tuning our strength and conditioning and touching up on some areas and focusing on fitness,” Watkins said.

“If their skill sessions decline in quality, their strength and fitness qualities decline or their actual game performance decline which is what were are monitoring.

“We basically educate the players about keeping their individual routine on par and monitor their diet since they returned from Christmas and New Year celebrations.

They should be hydrated and focus on their recovery strategies which are cumulative and sometimes, when there is a “breakdown in injuries,” and accumulation of stress to an area.

“With regards to training in the gym, I always emphasise on a comprehensive lifting regime with full squats, partial squats, split squats.

We generalised full range strength movements, shorter range movements, higher velocity movements, and again, so on and on. Of course we need mobility work as well as technical drilling to transfer gym strength to running that will help our players.”

He said Saturday’s game would be a platform on how they would identify their weakness.

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